Can you remove or add the 'Add New' and 'Edit' options on the Master Incident Link Field?

Version 1



    You may want to hide all (or parts) of the menu on the right that has the Add New, Edit, and Go to options. for your MasterIncidentLink field.




    You can remove or add the Add New and Edit options on the MasterIncidentLink by setting the editable property to false on the form level.

    To do this, please follow the steps below:

    1. Go to Configure Application
    2. Go to Business Objects 
    3. Go to Incident
    4. Go to Forms
    5. Select the form that contains the MasterIncidentLink field (usually this is Incident.Header)
    6. Click on the field on the form. 
    7. On the left hand side, under Control Properties - change the value of Editable to false. 

    Changing this value to false will remove the "Add New" and "Edit" options, Currently, getting rid of the Go To option is not available .