What are possibilities to determine license usage in GoldMine?

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    - You need to determine the usage of your GoldMine licenses over time. 
    - Is there a function or report in GoldMine that will show your deployment's license usage?
    - If there is not a tool for this what information is available in GoldMine regarding licensing?



    - There is not a license tracking tool in GoldMine that shows statistics such as the percentage of used licenses and how often the given percentage is being used to determine 'License usage'.
    - Below are tools and items that an Administrator or Management can view to see various items about the GoldMine licenses (The License Manager), who is logged in or out (Peg Board or Users' Master File) or when users are logging in and out of GoldMine (Time Clock tab of user properties).
    - To see the total licenses and how many users are undocked, login to GoldMine on the server side as a user with MASTER rights and click Tools > Configure > License Manager.  A screen similar to the screen below will show the total count, undocked users, etc.

    - In the above example there are 25 total seats available of which 1 user is undocked.  Also there is an "M" license for GoldMine Mobile Edition. This means that on the network a total of 24 seats could be used by network users as the undocked license is subtracted from the total license count. 
    The exception to this is if the user who was an undocked user logged into GoldMine on the network then they would use their own undocked license.  The best analogy regarding undocked users is that they have a 24 hour reserved parking spot, therefore the license is counted as 'used' regardless of the status of the user.

    - To determine who is currently logged in on the server/networked side of GoldMine, login to GoldMine as any user master or non-master and click GoTo > Calendar > at the bottom of the calendar click the 'Peg Board' tab; this will show who is currently logged into GoldMine on the network side. 
    - The pegboard shown in the below example shows 'USER1' logged out, 'PATRICK' logged in and 'MASTER' logged in:

    - Another way to verify who is logged in at the time is to login to GoldMine as a MASTER user, click Tools > Users' Settings.  This will display the User' Master file and in the 'Logged' column the status of 'In' or 'Out' will be displayed.
    See the example below:

    - If you are trying to see when users logged in and out look at the 'Time Clock' tab under Tools > Users Settings > Highlight user > Time Clock tab. 
    - Please see Knowledge Article 15479 for further information about this. 
    - As an additional note about the information on this tab it is in no way to be used as a real time clock as the information is not 100% accurate all the time but does provide a good general view of user login and logouts.

    Other helpful information about GoldMine Licensing:
    15479 - (referenced above) Is there a way to get a hard copy of the times and dates users have logged into GoldMine?
    20489 - How to ensure all users are out of GoldMine prior to upgrading? 

    Also see the GoldMine Administrator's Guide > Licensing - there is more information about license types and GoldMine licensing in general.