Set Exceptions by Owner for Escalation Schedule

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    Say you have members on the same team that work in a different timezone and you don't want to create a whole new escalation schedule for just a couple users who are owners of an Incident, for example. 

    This article describes how to implement exceptions on your current escalation schedule




    For each escalation schedule - you can add exceptions. 


    For example, I went into my Incident - Response Escalation schedule. 


    I've highlighted my Data Service schedule. 


    Then I click "Set Exceptions"


    Here I can pick a value to set my exception for. 


    I've selected Owner as the field


    and I want Administrator Admin to have a different escalation schedule then the rest of my team.


    Click Save. 


    Now highlight your new exception. 


    Click "Set Thresholds"


    Here, you can set the business hours and escalation levels. 



    Click OK after changing your HOP and Escalation Levels. 

    This will allow certain users to use a different schedule than others BUT within the same Escalation Schedule. This especially helps for teams that are split up in different timezones. 

    You can use different fields to differentiate, Owner is just an example.