Overrides in the global GM.INI are not respected on certain workstations

Version 1


    When realini= entry on networked workstation specifies only the directory and does not specify the actual file name, overrides in the global gm.ini are not respected

    Overrides in the global GM.INI from the GoldMine application server are not respected on certain workstations


    a. The Networked client does not have an appropriate REALINI entry
    b. The Networked client instead, has it's own 'complete' GM.INI

    - It is absolutely recommended that the GoldMine networked clients have ONLY one REALINI entry and this REALINI entry must reference the full path and file on the application server's shared GoldMine directory


    Once you verify the correct REALINI entry (as shown above), do the following:
    1. Log into GoldMine as a user with master rights
    2. Tools > Configure > System Settings > 'Display' tab
    3.  Update the default 500 value 'Maximum records shown in contact search  center, activity list, contact list and contact record tabs' to a value  greater than 5000
    4. Click OK
    5. Test