How to point workstations from the old server to the new server after GoldMine has been migrated?

Version 1


    GoldMine was migrated from one server to another server.  Now we need to know how to point the workstations from the old server to the new server.



    1 - On the workstation navigate to where GoldMine is installed.  By default GoldMine is installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\GoldMine (on 64 bit machines) and C:\Program Files\GoldMine (on 32 bit machines).
    2 - Find and locate the file called gm.ini.  This file may just be called gm if the file extensions are not displayed.  Please then look at the file type and ensure it is of type "Configuration settings".

    3 - Open the file by right clicking and selecting 'edit'.  It may be necessary to choose which program to edit the file with if so please choose 'Notepad'.
    4 - Adjust the RealIni= entry from the old location to the new location.
    NOTE: If the UNC/Network path is used it will look something like:

    The new entry would be something like:

    NOTE: IF a mapped drive is used it may look something like:
    If a mapped drive is used then please re-map the drive to the new server and verify the path is mapped the same as the old mpped drive path.

    The new mapped drive path entry would still look the same; if it is not the same then please learn why this is.  There is a potential this could cause problems with users viewing existing linked documents and email attachments in GoldMine.

    NOTE: The information is similar but please also see Knowledge Article 16092 -  After you move GoldMine to a new server, do you need to re-install the client machines or can you just redirect them?