Where is the data for GM + View templates held?  We need to adjust the contents of the GM + View templates but cannot find where the GM + View templates are held so that we may edit the templates.

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    This article will help answer the following questions:
    1) Where is this GM + View template data held so that we may update references to resources or servers that are no longer available?
    2) Where is the GM + View template data held so that we may make changes to the HTML coding?




    1 - The data for GM + View Templates is held in the RFC822 field of  the MAILBOX table where the FOLDER2 value matches the name of the GM + View Template.  
    2 - This data is binary data in the RFC822 field; though a SQL cast statement could be used here editing the data directy in SQL is much more difficult than editing using the GoldMine product to edit the GM + View templates.
    3 - The easiest and most effective way to edit GM + View data contents is to edit the template using the GoldMine GM + View editor.
    4 -  Start GoldMine as a Master user
    5 -  Web>>Setup GM+View
    6 -  NOTE: Prior to changing contents of the GM Plus View Template it would be suggested to first make a copy of the current contents of the template.
    7 -  Under Template List, highlight a template you wish to edit and click the "Edit" button.
    8 - Click into the body of the template editor then click the blue <H> in the editing bar.
    9 - Highlight and copy the entire contents and paste into a notepad file as the template name indicating it is a backup.
    10 - Adjust pointers to the old server as needed to the new server.
    11 - Adjust any other HTML data as needed.
    12 - In the upper left corner of the Editor click the yellow disk icon to save the changes that were made to the GM + View template.

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