General question - Can GoldMine still function if we were to move the SQL databases that we have into a SQL cluster?

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    General question - Can GoldMine still function if we were to move the SQL databases that we have into a SQL cluster?


    - GoldMine and GoldMine Technical Support  never tested any GoldMine version and/or related GoldMine databases on a  MS SQL Cluster and therefore this constellation is considered  officially as not tested and therefor not supported. Of course GoldMine Technical Support will assist as far as possible on any inquiry but if it turns out  the SQL Cluster to be responsible for an unexpected or undesired experienced behavior, GoldMine Technical Support may not be able to assist any further until the system is migrated/reverted to an official supported Microsoft SQL environment.

    - We do not expect issues at this point, although and again there are no practical tests performed and available - as in the end  GoldMine 'connects' via the DBALIAS.INI to the database. By  definition a failover cluster basically provides the ability to have all  the data for a SQL Server instance installed on a certain share/place  which can be accessed from different servers. It keeps always the same  instance name, SQL Agent jobs, Linked Servers and Logins from which  server it will be accessed and can be even setup to make it always using  the same IP Address and port – so in the end no users and in my opinion  even GoldMine have to know where it is at any given time, the only  important thing is that it is accessible via the specific and always  identical connection (string).

    - So again in a MS SQL cluster the instance  name remains always the same regardless from which node the database is  accessed so by itself the DBALIAS.INI should be always correct and also  the SQL user information.

    - Nevertheless - even in the internet  there are several comments that '... Even though your SQL Server  instance will come up with the same network name and IPAddress (if not  using DHCP), many applications aren’t written to continue gracefully if  the database server goes offline briefly....'

    - Also this article does not cover anything about 3rd party add-ons or integration applications, as although most  of such applications are also 'simply' connecting to a SQL instance and Database and it is expected straight away that there would be any issues, in some cases the way how the GoldMine application is accessing the database might  be different than how add-ins or integration applications do access  the database. So this should be taken also into consideration.