Cannot group on My Items

Version 1


    My Items grouping is not working. If using the Business Object, it works fine but not using the My Items tab.


    The current My Items tab is coded and cannot be modified but there is a workaround. You can modify the FRS_MyItem Grid to do your grouping and filtering for you and mimic the My Item control. After modifying, you can create a new Top Level Tab for your role, which uses the My Items WORKSPACE and layout, rather than the My Items control.

    In Configure Application, open the FRS_MyItem business object
    Select the FRS_MyItem grid/list
    Drag and drop additional fields needed to replicate the My Items control such as the ProgressBarPosition
    Once the ProgressBarPosition is in place, highlight the row and under the Properties dialog, change the Renderer to "Progress Bar"
    Next, highlight the Subject and under the properties > Link, change the "Hyperlink" to "Yes"
    Change the "Go To"  to "Parentlink"
    Save the changes
    Next, go to the Users and Permissions
    Select Roles and Permissions
    Select the Admin role
    Click on Top Level Tabs
    Add a new Top Level Tab selecting Object Workspace
    Select the My Items Business Object and Layout
    Refresh the browser