Can the protocol for the local gateway proxy be in HTTPS instead of the standard HTTP?

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    When installing Discovery, by default our gateway proxy uses port 8097, but it should be possible to reconfigure it to other ports including the use of SSL. Please follow the steps outlined below. As always we recommend you test this on your staging environment before putting it into production. 




    Make sure the proxy server is currently working as expected.

    Fill in the highlighted areas below and follow the instructions. 

    Make sure you have your SSL certificate installed already. 

    - Open a browser and go to: 


    - Make sure you get a proper response:

    NOTE: “<DiscoServerIPorName>” is the IP address or name of the server where HEAT Discovery is installed and this should be the same value as in the Tenant’s Base URL in ConfigDB.

    - To test if the proxy server is redirecting traffic correctly, replace the IP address with that of the Gateway and add port 8097.

    You should get the exact same response: 



    If everything is working correctly then you can proceed to changing the proxy’s binding to use SSL and port 443:

    - On the gateway server, open Computer Management and expand to Services and Application then IIS

    - Right click GatewayProxy and select “Edit Bindings…”

    The only binding that is currently configured is http with port 8097.

    - Click “Add…” to create a https binding with port 443 and select the SSL certificate you have installed.  A self-signed cert may work for testing purposes.

    - You may have to reset IIS 

    - Repeat the test above with port 443 this time to make sure you still get the same response.

    For additional help, please see: