Create a Ticket in CMS from IPCM

Version 1


    Can IPCM link to any CMS?  Can IPCM pass information to other CMS programs, and how this can happen ?


     To integrate,  to create a ticket in a CMS using IPCM. 
    You will need to know what IPCM API's to link to a CMS to pass some of the IPCM variables such as the employee ID, verified value, and routing info.

    IPCM has a DBOben / DBAccess application blocks that will allow for the fulfillment of this requirement. These will allow the IPCM server to create records or update records on a CMS, if it allows direct database access. This would be similar to the FRS Foundation Create and FRS Foundation Update blocks we would use to create a new record in ITSM. Additionally, we have the ability to call JavaScript inside a voice application (in Application Builder it is called “Customer JavaScript Code” block). This means that a good JavaScript programmer can call many web based APIs directly if the CMS is exposed to them.