Is there a Call Logging setting on the client to increase the font size?

Version 1


    This article describes how to increase the font size for all HEAT clients.


    There is no client setting for an "individual" HEAT Call Logging client that will increase the font size.

    There is a method to increase the font size for "all" Call Logging clients which is provided in the steps below:

    1. Launch Administrator Module

    2. File > Quick Customize

    3. Select the specific table with form that you wish to increase the font size. The core tables/forms showing in HEAT Call Logging are Subset, CallLog, Asgnmnt, Journal, and Detail. 

    4. Select the "Open Form" button

    5. You can select specific form objects (fields/labels) or select all. 

    6. Right click on the selected form object then select "Attributes"

    7. On the Text tab, select Fonts and increase the font size.

    8. After increasing the font size, it  may then require adjusting the size/location of these objects on the form as the text may be truncated.

    9. When complete, go to File > Apply Quick Changes.