How to undo a merge/purge of contact record(s)?

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    How to undo a merge/purge of contact records?

    e.g. inadvertently merge/purging one or more contact records with their related pending items, history items, etc 



    Note: Per the Administration Guide

    "IMPORTANT: Merging and purging permanently changes the database. We recommend you back it up before
    performing a merge/purge."

    1. A restore from backup is the most sure way to revert to your production database before a merge/purge
    2. The following steps can be done if no SQL backup to restore is available.

    Note: With any database change of this nature, we always suggest a SQL backup before performing the following

    On the affected surviving contact record(s):
    1. Additional Contacts tab
    2. The merged contact record will display "Duplicate Contact" in the Reference column
    3. Highlight the desired merged contact > right click > Options > Convert to Record
    4. Leave all the options defaulted:
    * Convert to a new record
    * Include converted contacts in the organizational tree
    * Remove converted records from the Contacts Tab
    * Insert a history record indicating conversion
    * Move related activities to a new contact
    5. OK