How to configure the number of rows displayed in a drop-list field before the line "Show More..."?

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    Note: This Knowledge article only applies to ITSM 7.x releases and above

    When expanding a drop-list field that has a large number of entries, by default 200 entries are shown and then the row "Show More..." is displayed.

    This Knowledge Article has the information on how to configure the number of rows that are shown before the row "Show More...".




    The number of rows shown before the "Show More..." can be controlled by the Global Value "MaxItemsCountBeforeShowMore".  If the Global Value doesn't exist, a default setting of 200 is used.

    To create/maintain the Global Value, please follow the below steps:
    1. In the FRS Application Administrator create new definition set.
    2. Go to menu "Definitions" -> "Global Values".
    3. Add/edit the Global Value "MaxItemsCountBeforeShowMore" with your required value.
    4. Commit the definition set.

    In the Premise Client the drop-down lists will now show the number of rows specified in the Global Value before the "Show More..." line:

    Setting this parameter to a high value may cause performance issues in the ITSM system.  Any changes should be tested before being put in a Production environment.