How to enable a recordings path/folder to a "shared" folder in IPCM

Version 1


    This article explains how to change a folder to a shared folder in IPCM.


    1. In Windows Explorer on the server providing the shared folder, create or select the folder.

    2. On this folder, right click > Properties
    3.  Select Sharing tab
    4. Select the "Share" button and edit or add the permissions for the accounts listed. In some cases, the 'Everyone' account may be added with read/write permissions.
    5. Next, also in the Sharing tab, select the "Advanced Sharing" button
    6. Select Permissions button and ensure selected groups/user names also have the correct share permissions to Change and Read files.
    7. On the Sharing tab, the Network Path is shown, copy the path.
    8. In Management Portal > Quality Management > Recording configuration > Record Directory (field), paste the shared path.
    9. This path will be the default for any "Record File" block used in all voice applications, UNLESS the "Full or relative path" field in these blocks have another path, thus overriding the default path.