What is the standard format for configuring Office365 email listener and SMTP settings?

Version 1


    If you are using Microsoft's Office365 cloud email solution, then the Inbox and Email Config settings needed for HEAT follow a standard format.


    Inbox (listener) configuration settings:

    For POP3:
    Address: the listener email address
    Host: outlook.office365.com
    Port: 995
    Protocol: POP3
    Authentication: AuthLogin
    Username: the listener email address
    Use TLS: checked

    For EWS:

    - Mail Protocol: Exchange Web Services

    - Host: https://outlook.office365.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx

    - Authentication: Plain

    - User Name: xxx

    - Password: yyy

    Outgoing SMTP Email Config settings:
    SMTP Host: smtp.office365.com
    SMTP Port: 587
    Authentication: AuthLogin
    Use TLS/SSL: checked
    Username: the listener email address