How to delete Automated Processes created by a user who has already been deleted from GoldMine?

Version 1



    - A user was deleted from GoldMine but whenever right clicking to attach an Automated Process on a contact record, the deleted user's old Automated Processes are still showing in the list of Automated Processes to select.  

    - When attempting to clean up old Automated Processes using Tools > Automated Processes > Manage Processes there does not seem to be a way to delete processes for a user that no longer exists in GoldMine because the user no longer shows in the user drop-down menu. 



    1. Log in with master rights
    2. Tools > Users' Settings
    3. New Button > Recreate the user with the same username as the user originally had, while this user should be only temporarily available it is recommended to set a password for the user, so that no other user can log in with the credentials.
    4. OK > Close
    5. Open Tools > Automated Processes > Manage Processes.
    6. Select the recreated user from drop-down menu.
    7. Delete the Automated Processes for this user.
    8. Delete the user again from the Tools > Users' Setting menu > Highlight the user > Delete Button, it is assumed that initially activities and Emails where properly 'cleaned up' therefor it is recommended to set here Leave the user's activities and Emails as is.
    9. Verify the Automated Processes are no longer accessible when trying to add an Automated Process from the processes tab.