ERROR: Windows Desktop Search Engine The network path was not found  - when running searches using GoldMine Universal Search

Version 1


    When running searches using Universal Search, users are receiving the following error:

    Error source: Windows Desktop Search Engine
    Error message: The network path was not found.
    Error code: 0x80070035




    The most common cause for this is that the the Universal Search is looking in for a path that does not exist when running the Document search.

    1. Open Universal Search via Go To > Search > Universal Search.
    2. Check the 'Advanced' option towards the upper right.

    3. Click the 'Options' button.

    4.Click the Documents tab of the Properties Dialog Window.

    5. Under the section 'Include items from remote Windows Index' verify and and adjust the paths.

    - As an example the server may have been changed and instead now of the path being \\server1\GoldMine\MailBox\Attach the new path may be \\NewServer\GoldMine\MailBox\Attach