When cloning a user to create a new user the cloned user's Email address is being used for the new user.  How do we eliminate this problem?

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    - When creating a user by cloning and also changing the Email address on the new user's Profile tab of user Properties, the old/cloned Email settings are still present for the new user. 

    - How should the new user's Email settings be setup or changed?




    - The Email address in the User's Profile tab is not related in anyway to the Email client settings and the mailbox settings of the new cloned user. The Email address here is solely used for the GoldMine internal messaging once the setting Always use e-mail server (recommended) is set

    - Mailbox settings and credentials are part of the User's preferences/options and when cloned the Email settings apart from the password are also cloned (the below message appears when the cloned user tries to access the mailbox)


    1.Cloning a user makes setting up new users that will have a similar job function easier and ensures consistency when creating new users. This includes main mailbox settings in the same manner as other user's preferences/options.
    2. It is nice that all settings are carried over to the new user created by cloning, here especially mail server, port etc settings. The password for the mailbox is NOT cloned.
    3. Therefore usually especially certain email settings need to be changed for the cloned user.
    4. Updating the independent and solely for GoldMine internal messaging used (if applicable) email address to the new user's email address on the Profile tab of the new user.
    a. Change the E-mail address appropriately
    b. Verify if also for this user Always use e-mail server (recommended) is necessary and appropriate  

    c. If applicable check the further tabs for any necessary changes for this cloned user
    d. Once all of the new user's 'Properties' were verified and adjusted where necessary >> OK

    5. Leave the new user highlighted >> 'Preferences' button in order to update the email / mailbox settings
    a. E-mail tab > then 'Accounts' button.
    b. Highlight the email account then click > Edit:

    c. Update all Email settings using the new user's Email account settings.

    Note: The above may need to be repeated if the cloned and new user have multiple email accounts.

    d. Other items that may need to be updated are the default templates for outgoing, reply, and forwarded messages.
    e. Please review each tab of the email tab options to ensure the new user's settings are as desired.
    f. Once all of the new user's 'E-mail preferences' were verified and adjusted where necessary >> OK
    g. Please review each tab of the new user's 'Preferences' and make adjustments where necessary
    h. Once all of the new user's 'Preferences' were verified and adjusted where necessary >> OK
    6. Close button on the User's Master file

    - To learn more about configuring an email account in GoldMine please see Knowledge article # 17420 - How to setup an email account in GoldMine?
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