How do you generate a list of all of the teams along with all of the users that are linked to that team?

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    What is the best way to create a report or an extract of our Team rosters.   

    Is there a way to extract that data so I can audit and use those lists for communcations etc?



    You will most likely have to go the route of building a SSRS report to aggregate the information.

    Relationship data between Employee and StandardUserTeam is established through a link table.

    On that account, the join required to combine the table is a bit more complex.

    SELECT StandardUserTeam.Team, Employee.DisplayName

    FROM FusionLink

    INNER JOIN StandardUserTeam ON FusionLink.sourceID = StandardUserTeam.RecId

    Inner join Employee ON FusionLink.targetID = Employee.RecId and targetbase = 'Employee' and SourceBase = 'StandardUserTeam'

    WHERE FusionLink.RelationshipName = 'ProfileEmployeeAssociatedByStandardUserTeam'

    AND FusionLink.SourceID in


    Select recid

    from StandardUserTeam