Ops Console creating Staging Environment error: "Failed to execute due to User not found or selected user is inactive."

Version 1


    Issue pushing from Production to Staging using the Ops Console to create the Staging database.

    Error message Failed to execute due to User not found or selected user is inactive.


    On the System Status page there was a pink warning triangle next to the production tenant API key. When pushing on the Info button the same error message is displayed "Failed to execute due to User not found or select user is inactive.". Pressing on the fix button did not work.

    To check the API Key login into the Admin UI and navigate to Security Control -> API Keys

    Select OpsConsoleAPIGroup and click Edit on the key who's id matches that in OpsConsoles.

    the On Behalf Of field give the user that will be impersonated by the OpsConsole. This is the user that it is referred to in the error message.

    You can check this user by navigating to Users and Permissions -> Users and searching for them.

    In this case the Disabled box was ticked for the user. Unticking this box and saving the record, meant that the push could be carried out.

    It also worth checking that they are a member of the role found in the API Key settings