How to include a "Do not alter Subject line" message to the new Incident Created email action.

Version 1


    The circumstance may arise where customers need to include extra information in the Send Email action for creation of a new Incident to instruct end users to not modify the subject line in order for the listeners to process responses properly.  How can this be implemented so the instructions show in a red font for the initial email on creation of the Incident?


    1.  Go to the journal#Email object in the AdminUI.

    2.  Select the Rules tab and create a new Editing rule as below using this syntax:

    $("<center><br>\n<Font Face='arial'><font color='ff0000'>Please do not change the subject line of this email if you reply so that the incident will correctly be updated.</Font></center><br><br>\n\n\n" +

    Inclusion of this rule will alter the outgoing text in the initial Incident Created email to include in red text the message to not alter the subject line.