Invalid object name 'NOTES' when using the Contact search center

Version 1


    You receive the error Invalid object name 'NOTES' when you open the Contact search center if the contact set database you are using does not have the CAL and CONTACT1 table in the same SQL database container.

    - GoldMine Database with Base GoldMine Tables and Contact Set tables
    - GoldMine database with JUST Contact Set tables

    - Open GoldMine and open the Contact set that has BOTH the Contact1 and Cal table in the database
    - Open the Contact Search Center
    - Add the Notes field as a column
    - Perform a simple search

    No errors should be received at this point

    - Now switch Contact sets
    - Open the Contact Search Center

    The Search center to show you your search results

     When you open the Contact Search center you receive the error message

    Invalid object name 'NOTES'


    This is caused by RM#249362

    The current work-a-round is to disable the NOTES column in the Contact search center

    - Open the Contact Search Center
    - Click the 'Columns' Button
    - Click the 'Column Selection' Tab
    - Highlight the field 'Notes'

    - Click the <- Button to move the Notes field to the left list

    - Click 'OK' to save the change
    - Close and reopen the Contact search center and the error will now not appear.