Deselecting all fields in the Contact Search Center fields to limit search by criteria, still shows many fields.

Version 1



    Field Labels with an apostrophe cause the Contact Search Center Fields Lookup list to be truncated (fields do not show in the list and therefore cannot be checked/unchecked)




    This is logged as RM#209604

    1. Identify the affected field where the label contains an ' (single quote)
    2. Make sure to have a full running backup of your database (for this specific action it would be usually not necessary but we always recommend on any customization of GoldMine)
    3. Log into GoldMine with master rights
    4. Locate where the field containing the apostrophe is
    5. Right click on the field and choose Properties
    6. Remove the Apostrophe from the 'Label used for 'default' record type'

    7. Click on more options
    8. Ensure Apostrophe's are removed from  the Global and Local Labels sections

    9. OK > OK 
    10. Open the Contact Search Center and ensure that you can deselect the rest of your fields on the CSC Field selector under Options > More Options (Lookup tab)