How to set role specific default table rights for newly created HEAT tables

Version 1


    In HEAT Administrator Module when a new table is created through an edit set, the new table can be configure to have default View, Add, Edit, and Delete rights for a specific role. This feature may be used when any new table is created but certain roles should have limited table rights on any new table. This article explains how to configure a Role's default table rights on newly created tables.


    1. Launch Administrator Module

    2. Close the Adminstrator Dashboard if launched.

    3. Go to Security > Roles > select role > Tables (tab)

    4. On the very top of the tables list, select <New Table Default Rights>

    5. Select or enable which right a new table will have when its created, for example View, Add, Edit, or Delete rights.

    6. Depending on the configured combination of table rights, when any new table is created it will by default have the enabled rights.