Rollover logs errors

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    In a number of the log files there are entries for Rollover Logs, what do these mean?  

    <log4net:event logger="FrontRangeSaaS" timestamp="2016-04-07T12:40:32.3273057+10:00" level="INFO" thread="8" domain="WorkflowService.exe" username="GC\SVC_HEATtest"><log4net:message>Rollover logs</log4net:message><log4net:properties><log4net:data name="ErrorCode" value="" /><log4net:data name="ServiceName" value="WorkflowService" /><log4net:data name="LogEntryId" value="d63c207eee374a1297d1c301df96444d" /><log4net:data name="log4net:UserName" value="GC\SVC_HEATtest" /><log4net:data name="SubsystemId" value="ASLoggingDiagnostics" /><log4net:data name="LoginId" value="&lt;IIS&gt;" /><log4net:data name="log4net:Identity" value="" /><log4net:data name="ClientIPAddress" value="" /><log4net:data name="CurrentRole" value="&lt;logger&gt;" /><log4net:data name="log4net:HostName" value="GCTSHEAT01" /><log4net:data name="TenantId" value="SystemLog" /><log4net:data name="StackTrace" value="" /><log4net:data name="SessionId" value="" /><log4net:data name="TargetSite" value="" /></log4net:properties></log4net:event>




    HEAT will automatically rollover log files when they reach a predetermined age or size.

    Note that the log level you are seeing this documented on is INFO.  This is a routine maintenance practice as is not an error whatsoever.


    If you go to the Logs folder (default is c:\Logs unless it was changed during installation) you can see the log files that have rolled over with a ".#" format.

    For example the Metrics Server log has rolled over several times in one of my lab setups:

    If you do not wish to see these messages you can move the log level for the service that is generating these entries to something higher than INFO such as WARNING or ERROR.  Out-of-the-box log levels are set to WARNING or ERROR for all services.