Configure User Options: How to Remove "Change Password" option from User Options per Role.

Version 1


    After logging into HeatSM, all users can see the "Change Password" button in the User Options.  How to remove the "Change Password" from the user options per role.


    Step 1.  Login to HeatSM as Administrator.
    Step 2.  Navigate to Configure Application> User and Permissions>Roles and Permissions.
    Step 3.  Select the Role to be changed.
    Step 4.  Go to Role Details.
    Step 5.  Check the "Overwrite default branding options with the options listed below." flag checkbox.            
                  Note: By checking this checkbox, you will want to verify the other settings as the defaults will no longer apply.
                           For testing, check the "Change Role Button" and/or "Logout Button" checkbox(es).
    Step 6.  Verify the "Change Password Button" is unchecked.
    Step 7.  Save.

    Clicking on User Options should not display the Change Password button.