What are the main new functionalities of GoldMine added since GoldMine 8.0 that are now in GoldMine 2015.2.x?

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    - The Release Notes show "What's new in Goldmine xxx". 
    - When looking at this the 'What's New' section does not provide a history of the product or the new "Main" functionality in GoldMine Premium Edition. 
    - Is there more information about the new "Main" functionality between GoldMine Premium Edition 8.0 through to 2015.2.x?


    Below is a list of the most popular new "main" functionality that has been introduced in to GoldMIne Premium Edition after GoldMine Premium Edition 8.0

    - Universal Search was introduced in GoldMine Premium Edition 8.5. 
    Please reference the GoldMine Premium Edition User Guide > Contact Management > Universal Search. 
    There is also a brief video that shows Universal Search, how it is installed, and how it is used at:

    - Dashboards were introduced in GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0. 
    Please reference the GoldMine Premium Edition User Guide > Quick Start Wizard > Dashboards. 
    There are a few different videos regarding dashboards:

    - Social Media Templates and fields were added to GM + View in GoldMine with the release of GoldMine 9.2.x. 
    There is a video about the GM + View tab on our GoldMine Self Training Center at:
    http://www.goldmine.com/training/training_videos_basics.html > Basics > The GM + View Tab

    - Integration with Constant Contact was introduced in GoldMine Premium Edition 2013.1.x. 
    Please review the section in the GoldMine Premium Edition User Guide > Marketing Tools > Using Constant Contact.

    There are several videos regarding GoldMine with Constant Contact.
    Getting Started with Constant Contact and GoldMine - Ep. 1:

    Creating Lists in GoldMine for Constant Contact Campaigns - Ep. 2:

    GoldMine for Constant Contact - Adding A Contact Ep. 3:

    Constant Contact for GoldMine - Working with Results Ep. 4:

    GoldMine for Constant Contact - What's Next After a Campaign - Ep. 5 :

    - Integration with Google Apps was added with GoldMine 2014.1.x.
    To learn more about this please see The GoldMine Premium Edition Administrator Guide > Google Apps Integration.

    - GoldMine Web was added with GoldMine 2014.2.x. Access GoldMine data in real time via a web browser with GoldMine Web.  GoldMine Web provides basic contact management functionality and a new user interface.  No local installation and no additional license are required for GoldMine Web. 
    There are two overview videos about GoldMine Web at:

    NOTE: GoldMine Web requires IIS on the GoldMine Server and some additional configuration.  Please see the document titled GoldMine Connect Install that is included with the main download of GoldMine in the Documentation folder.

    - In GoldMine 2015.2 the following environments were added to be supported:
    Windows 10
    Microsoft Office 2106 (32 bit),

    - In GoldMine the ability to add and access Linked documents from popular Cloud storage such as DropBox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive to name just a few.
    - Linked Documents and Email attachments are now also available in GoldMine Web. Several areas of GoldMine Web have been enhanced and the interface now as a responsive layout based on form factor.

    -  In GoldMine 2015.2 Hot fix 4 the capability to retain user, date and time information from the original scheduled activities when completing activities was added.

    NOTE: The above are only the very main highlights of main versions from GoldMine Premium Edition 8.0 and 2015.2.x.
    To learn more about what was added please see the Release Notes for each major version listed above.