How to restrict a Role to only update/view Incident records for a specified team

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    You may want to restrict a particular Role to only see Incidents that belong to a certain Team on the Role level. 

    This can be done by limiting access at an object level to Incident by restricting the field OwnerTeam of Incident to a defined team. 

    Please, read on for steps to implement. 




    To restrict a Role’s view of Incident to just a particular team:



    1. Go to Roles and Permissions
    2. Select that Role
    3. Go to Object Permissions
    4. Go to Incident
    5. Click “Edit” under Access
    6. Then Click the Plus Sign
    7. Entering the following (I’m using Service Desk as an Example
    8. Click “Update” and then Save.


     Now whoever logs in as that Role will only see Incidents that belong to the Service Desk Team.