Output to Excel issue when Microsoft Office 2010 was upgraded to Microsoft Office2013 - Cannot Run ....\Office14\EXCEL.EXE ... WinExec error: 2

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    Output to Excel issue when Microsoft Office 2010 was upgraded to Microsoft Office2013 - Cannot Run ....\Office14\EXCEL.EXE ... WinExec  error: 2

    1. On any grid (for example the Contact Search Center)
    2. Right Click >> Output to >> Excel
    >> RESULT: Error message appears Cannot Run ....\Office14\EXCEL.EXE" /dde WinExec error: 2 


    - At least one of the  related Registry entries points still to the WPS office application  although via the Windows default programs and file associations feature  Microsoft Excel was reset as default handler.

    - This is a Windows operating system configuration / environmental root cause and not related to GoldMine itself  at all although the behavior exposes within GoldMine,

    -  GoldMine  Technical Support will provide the following instructions and (attached)  registry key  entries files as is without any warranty of any kind (this behavior was  primarily seen with Microsoft Office 2013 and instructions and files are  matching Microsoft Excel 2013 - any other Microsoft Excel version may  require adjustment in the instructions and/or registry files).

    1.a. Make sure that you have a full backup of the Registry
    1.b. Or alternatively make at least sure to export for backup reasons all keys you are gonna to change
    these are


    2.   Please keep in mind that the attached txt files (in a zipped archive)  are only provided as is without any warranty of any kind. They were  taken from a Windows 2008 R2 Server Enterprise SP1 64-bit and Microsoft  Office 2013 although not expected, the existence and content of the  related registry keys should be verified and documented.

    a. Extract the attached txt file on the machine/server (e.g. Desktop)
    b. Rename each file from a txt extension to a reg extension
    c.  It is strongly recommend only apply one by one registry file onto the  system and verify the behavior then  within GoldMine as again only one of them (usually the first file  <<1_HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT_xls.txt>> will change the behavior)
    c.i. Via double click apply on the specific reg file
    c.ii. A message appears that if you are sure that you want to apply the information to the registry >> Yes
    c.iii. A further message appears that the keys and values have been  successfully added to the registry >> OK (you may want to verify  the applied key within the registry)
    d. Start GoldMine
    e. Verify the Output to Excel again
    f. If this does not work yet proceed with applying the further reg files and verify after each again within GoldMine