Customer would like to remove the "Change Picture" option from User Options for certain roles.

Version 1


    Currently users can change their employee photo and replace icon with personal photo.
    Customer would like to remove the option for users to change their employee photo for certain roles.
    Customer would like some role (i.e. Administrators) to continue to have this "Change Picture" option.


    Step 1.  Log in to the tenant with the Administrator role.
    Step 2.  Navigate to Configure Application > User and Permissions > Roles and Permissions.
    Step 3.  Select the appropriate Role.
    Step 4.  Go to "Object Permissions"
    Step 5.  In the "Select Page" dropdown find the page with the Employee object.

    Step 6.  Expand the "Employee" Object.
    Step 7.  Under "Employee" Object Name, scroll down to "EmployeePhoto" & "EmployeePhotoName" and uncheck the "View" and "Edit" checkboxes.
                  DO NOT uncheck "EmployeePhotoRevision"

    Step 8. Save.
    Step 9. Test by logging in as a user with this role. 
                 "Change Picture" should not appear in "User Options".