How To: Restrict the ability to add to a validation picklist to only certain roles.  Hide the "Add" button from the picklist dropdown box to only show for certain admin roles.

Version 1


    Customer does not want the user to be able to add to the drop down list when selecting values in a picklist drop-down


    Step 1.  Navigate to Configure Application>Business Objects>Fields >Pick the field with an associated validation pick-list.
    Step 2.  Note which business object is used by the pick list. 
                 In this example, the field was using "Display Name of Employee" which uses the Employee business object.
    Step 3.  Navigated to Users and Permissions>Roles and Permissions>Select non-admin role to limit from adding values to list.
                 In this example, go to Object Permissions> 101-105 Change-FAQ Status>Employee
    Step 4.  Scrolled down to "Employee" (indicated by pick-list).  Unchecked "Add".  Save.
    Step 5.  Switched to UI and role.  Verified that the "Add" button is now off the drop down selection.