How can we show the Status of the Customer on a Incident or A ServiceRequest

Version 1



    Customer would like to publish the status of a customer in the Incident (or a ServiceRequest) form when creating a new record, but is unsure on how to create the field and generate the value on the form.



    1. Log into the Admin UI under the Administrator role.
    2. Go to Build > Business Objects > Incident
    3. Go to 'Fields' and add a new text field (such as 'CustomerStatus'), save
    4. Go to 'Forms', select the form you wish to modify
    5. Select the newly created field from the Incident Field list and drag it onto the form, save.
    6. Go to Business Rules and create a new Editing Rule:
       - On Change: ProfileLink
       - Set: CustomerStatus
       - Expression Editor: $([OtherObject]Status)
    7. Save.