Could not log into GoldMine Incorrect username, when you know the user should exist in the database.

Version 1


    - Could not log into GoldMine Incorrect username

    - USER3 used to be able to login to GoldMine, but now cannot
    - Login to GoldMine as a Master user
    - Tools > Users' Settings

    - USER3 not listed as a user.




    - The GOLDDIR= setting in the GM.ini file which is the GoldMine Database settings (also refereed to as GMBASE) with the shared information like CAL, MAILBOX, OPMGR, and also the USERS table is set to an incorrect or different database alias.
    - This change can affect which users are able to login to GoldMine. 
    - The GoldMine Database settings in one database may have different users than the GoldMine Database settings in another database.
    - In this case, USER3 exists in the USERS table in the database aliased GoldMine: but not in the one GoldMine database aliased GoldMine_Test:

    - Log All users out of GoldMine
    - Log into GoldMine as a MASTER user
    - Tools > Options > Login Tab
    - Pull-down and change the incorrect GoldMine Database alias (in this example it is GoldMine_Test) and change it to the correct database alias (In this Case GoldMine:)

    NOTE: This will then set the GOLDDIR= line in the GM.ini to point to the correct database alias.

    - Click OK
    - USER3 should now be able to log into the GoldMine application