How to convert an existing ANSI database to a Unicode database for GoldMine?

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    How to convert an existing ANSI database to a Unicode database for GoldMine?



    It is not possible to convert an existing primary or secondary database from ANSI to UNICODE.   Instead you need to create a new database to replace the existing primary or secondary database that is UNICODE and through this process copy the data to the new database.

    The following instructions will create a new primary database that is Unicode, and copy the exiting data from the source database to the new database.

    1) Create a SQL backup of your existing database(s) that will be converted.
    2) Having all users log out of GoldMine, and instruct the users to stay out of GoldMine during this process.
    3) Log in to GoldMine as a user with "master" rights.
    4) Select TOOLS >> Databases >> Alias Manager.
    5) Create a new Alias by clicking on the "New Alias" button.

    Note: The Alias Name should be the same as the Database name.

    6) Once you have created the new Alias, close the Database Alias Manager.
    7) Select TOOLS >> Databases >> New Database.
    8) Select both options, and click "Next"
         Create or copy data for contact set tables.
         Create or copy data for base GoldMine tables.
    9) Select the newly created database alias, enter a description, and click "Next" 
    10) On this screen select the options below and click "Next"
         Copy data from the currently active database
         Create unicode database (for MS SQL Server only)
    11) Set a "Contact set code" for the new database, and click "Next"
    12) Click Finished.

    Once this process does finish, you will be prompted to use the new database answer yes to this prompt.   At this point you new database is ready to be used.  It is recommended that you remove all references to the old ANSI database from GoldMine to prevent users from access the wrong database.