How to create new Contact Group Types?

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    When setting up contact groups we have four choices for group type . We would like to add additional group types for things like service request approvers. Is there a way to add a new group type that I am not seeing?



    To create a new Group Type:

    1. Go to Configure Application
    2. Go to Business Objects
    3. Go to "ContactGroup" business object.
    4. Go to fields
    5. Select "GroupType"
    6. Click "values" next to the pick list "GroupType of ContactGroupType used in ContactGroup"
    7. Click add and then input the values for your new Group type.
    8.Now go back to to Groups under Users and Permissions
    9. Create New Group
    10. Select the drop-down list for Group Type and you will see your newly, created Group Type as an option.