How can the Relationship Tree default section name be set?

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    - Global Support recommend using a demo database to test.
    1. Browse to Morley Williams
    2. Browse to Relationship Tab
    3. Right Click within the Relationship tab > Create a new Organization
    4. Select Create Relationship Tree based on St. James Medical Center
    5. OK

    For Morley Williams GoldMine will create a section Prospect, which might not be desired within a Relationship tree. Other possibilities would be that there will be created always Employees sections.

    How can the Relationship Tree default section name be set?


    There are 2 possible scenarios - when no Record Types are setup within GoldMine and when there are Record Types setup:

    A. When no Record Types are setup

    - When there is no record type setup at all then the GoldMine application provides the default value 'Employees' which cannot be changed. If a customer wants to have a different default section value a record type needs to be created and .

    B. When Record Types are setup

    - When a record type is defined  (RECTYPE T in FIELDS5 table) the EXPR in FIELDS5 table for the specific record type contains besides other items also the definition for  the new default Relations ship tree as the value

    - The default section name is set in the Record Type Administration Center

    1. Log in with master rights
    2. Tools > Configure > Record Types
    3. In the Record Types Administration Center
    4. Expand the Record Types
     Depending on your setup you may want to set/check only the default or every available record type
    5. Right Click for example on the Default Record type (marked in bold) > Edit
    6. In the Record Type Attributes > Relationship Tree Section Name > Set the desired name

    7. OK
    8. If applicable adjust and verify also other Record Types
    9. Click on the Record Types header (the Apply changes in the tool bar will get active) > Apply the changes
    10. Create or go to a contact record with the specific record type
    11. Browse to tab Relationship
    12. Right Click > Create a new Organization
    13. Create Relationship Tree based on XZY > OK
    14. The section name will now appear as the set default entry for the specific Record Type

    Additional Notes:

    - Changing or creating Relationship Trees as a one time action can be performed via the Create Default Relationship Trees  feature, for example to replace existing relation ships with a different  section name or create all missing Relationship Trees.

    - As this feature can  be run on all contact records it is highly recommended to make sure to  have a full running backup of the database
    1. With master rights
    2. Tools > Data Management > Create Default Relationship Trees
    3.  Adjust the settings as desired, related to the discussed topic in this Knowledge Article the setting Choose the name of the relationship section is the most important one
    4. Go

    This will depending on the set  options for example replace existing relationships or only  create relationships where none exist.