Unable to import Portfolio and Project Management (PPM) Package

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    PPM is a new feature pre-built into HEAT 2016.1 for all new customers. By using this HEAT App, this module is also applicable to customers who migrated to 2016.1 from a previous version of HEAT Service Management of 2014.3 or higher.

    If you are unable to import Portfolio and Project Management (PPM) Package - please, review the information below on how to ensure that your tenant is compatible with PPM. 




    To verify if your HEAT Service Management has a metadata baseline of 2014.3 or higher, check if ITFM module is present. 

    1. Log in to HEAT with the Administrator role
    2. Go to “More” and search for 'Master Budget Plan' or 'Sub-Budget Plan'.
    3.  If there is a match, your HEAT Service Management has a metadata baseline of 2014.3 or higher and you can proceed with the install of the PPM Package.
    4. If you do not have these two business objects, your baseline is below 2014.3 and your tenant is not compatible with this feature. 

    Note: RM 241373 is a Feature Request RM to allow tenants with a baseline older than 2014.3 to be able to use the Portfolio and Project Management (PPM). If you would like to be added to this RM, please create an Incident and reference this RM and your request to be added to it. This RM has a scheduled release version of 2016.2

    For more information on PPM - You can access the full chapter directly by modifying the following link with your won tenant’s web address: