How to Disable Escalation Schedules

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    This knowledge article goes over how to disable an escalation schedule. 



    How to Disable an Escalation Schedules from the 'Escalation Schedule' page in the AdminUI.


        --------------------------------------------------------Steps to Disable an Escalation Schedule--------------------------------------------------------

     Log in as Service Owner

     Go to Service Level Agreement

     Locate and select the SLA that contains the Service Level Target that you want to disable. 

    In this example, we will use the OOTB SLA 'Benefits Management (Gold) for Professional Services

    Click on the Tab 'Service Level Target' tab.

    Highlight the SLT that needs to be disabled and select the 'Go To' button. 

    For this example, we will use:

    Benefits Management (Gold) Incident Response Target for Professional Services

     Under the Action Menu, pull down the menu and Select the quick action 'Disable Service Level Target'. (This is an OOTB Quick Action - that updates the Status field to Disabled on the ServiceLevelTarget Business Object)


    Then click 'Save'


    To ensure that this Escalation Schedules is now disabled - do the following: 

    - Change your Role to Administrator

    - Go to Configure Application

    - Under Automation Tools, select 'Escalation Schedules'

    - Select the Name of the Escalation schedule - in this example, it would be Incident Response. 

    - Locate the Escalation Schedule ' Benefits Management (Gold) Incident Response Target for Professional Services'

          Note that the Schedule now has 'N/A' in the escalation points. It is now disabled.