Error when trying to delete a change record

Version 1


    When trying to delete a change record, where the relationship theoretically allows it, the user receives the following error:  Error while saving data: Object is referenced by another object via FRS_Baseline#.ChangeAssocFRS_Baseline relationship. Deletion is not allowed.


    Usually the application deletes the child  objects related to a record, except in the case of what is checked  "Prevent Delete when Relationship exists" in the relationship.  Unfortunately, there is an exception with this relationship, and the  child record must be deleted manually before deleting the child record.

    Please follow these steps to delete the change record:

    1. In the backend, please go to Page Layouts and select the Admin role. In the top right of the tab, press the Add Page Layout button.
    2. Add the Baseline object as a top level tab, filling the form as in the following screenshot and press Save:

    3. In the HEAT application, refresh the browser and open the Baseline top level tab:

    4. Open also the Change top level tab, and access the record that you want to delete. Then access the Baseline tab, where you will see the record of the baseline object that must be deleted:

    5. Note the BaselineNumber, and delete it from the Baseline top level tab:

    6. The system will warn you about the relationship with the Change record that you want to delete. Please check that it is correct and press Continue:

    7. From the Change top level tab, search for the record that you want to delete, and from the grid (List view), select the record and delete it:

    8. Press Continue, the system should delete the record without error.
    9. Finally, if you prefer to avoid the execution of baselines, you can disable it. This option is a Business Rule of the Change Business Object. Disabling it, the system will stop creating the baseline each time a change status changes to Implemented.

    For future records, it will not be necessary do the steps 1 and 2.