Lists are showing up from service requests with values separated by a tilde and caret symbol, is there a way to change that?

Version 1



     When working with lists in Service requests, you can use the Replace() function to alter how the list is displayed.



    In 2014.3, there is a new function called Replace that will allow you to change the delimiter of the list to something else.   $(Replace(GetSRPValue(RecId, "list_1"), "~^", "
    is for a line break. You can replace the value with anything you wish. " " will put a space between them ", " will put a comma and a space between the values.  If you enter in the line break, when you re-open the notification, the system will treat the line break literally when displaying, causing the
    to be replaced with an actual line break. So you may need to retype it if editing the item.