When trying to log in to GoldMine Mobile from Safari you just get a spinning cog icon and you never log in to the application.

Version 1


    If you try and log in to GoldMine Mobile via a safari web browser and you just get a spinning cog icon like the one below
    and nothing happens, then this is most likely the result of "Private Browsing" activated in the safari web browser.



    To disable "Private browsing" in safari

     iOS device
     - Open Safari
     - Tap either the open book or Page icon at the bottom of the screen
     - Tap private
     - Close All pages and disable private browsing
     Safari running under Windows
     - Click Settings
     - Click private browsing
     - Refresh the GoldMine Mobile log-in page
     - Log-in to GoldMine Mobile

    It has also been reported, that if you run GoldMine Mobile on the same server as GoldSync this issue may also occur.
    FrontRange recommends running GoldMine Mobile and GoldSync on individual servers.