Example files for Hierarchical XML import feature

Version 2


    Example files for Hierarchical XML import feature


    The hierarchical XML must follow the documented format as noted at the top of the help page


    At this point no XSLT is required.

    Attached is zip-archive with example files. It contains an example of a source document that is XML, but not in the hierarchical XML format >> problem-incident-raw.xml <<.

    This file can be uploaded using the hierarchical XML import by applying the >> Problem-Incident.xsl << script file.

    This will transform the original file to be like the >> Problem-Incident.xml << file, which does conform to the hierarchical XML format, and would then be imported.

    NOTE: Programming of XSL and XML is an industry standard and beyond the scope of FrontRange Technical Support. In case of how to questions, we recommend to engage our Professional Services.