Error when creating Zero or Many relationship - FKField must be set

Version 1



    User receives an error when creating a new ServiceReqAssocCI relationship in ServiceReq BO, with a ‘Zero or many’ and ‘Zero or many’ associations between ServiceReq (Parent) and CI (Child) – see below. 

    I note the ‘Zero or many’ setting is allowed for the equivalent relationship in Incident BO i.e. IncidentAssocCI. 

    There is no error if I set association of ‘Many’ to ‘Many’ but we would prefer to set the association to be ‘Zero or many’.



    The error and screenshot indicate that a foreign key needs to be chosen to link the records - click 'Not Set' and choose a field, or change the relationship to use a many-to-many relationship. This is functionally identical to using 0-or-many via Fusionlink. It is possible that this was not enforced in earlier versions for 'Zero or Many' relationships, but it is required for the relationship to work properly, so it is now halted by the application.