Using Constrained Lists in Request Offerings

Version 1


    Setting up a constrained list in request offerings



     Three main things need to be configured for cascading validation lists to work in Request offerings.


    1.     - A pick list is created using a constraint that states it is <EQUAL TO> {0}

    a.      {0} is the required placeholder for validations in request offerings.

    b.     You may have to clone an existing pick lists so you can create one that uses {0} just for request offerings.

    c.     Only one constraint can be used.



    2.    - On the control that is being used for the validation, the field being used for the constraint must be exposed as an 'Additional Field' for the dropdown control.



    3.S- Selecting the request offering-specific pick list will see the ‘Cascading Validation Definition’ box show the value.

    a.      The first dropdown selects which field you are pulling the data from.

    b.     The second field selects the field you exposed in step 2


     - The second dropdown’s values are now constrained based on what is selected on the first dropdown.