How to incorporate a customized font into the GoldMine E-mail editor and HTML notes fields.

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    How to incorporate a customized font into the GoldMine E-mail editor and HTML notes fields.



    Important Notes:
    - The GoldMine E-mail editor and also HTML enabled notes fields within GoldMine are based on the system's installed and available fonts and technical support does not usually provide any assistance in installing a font into the Windows system. You may refer to one of the following web sites for information on installing a font to your system:

    - With the below steps the font will be available in the list of fonts for a Rich Text/HTML E-mail but will also be available everywhere where you can add notes in HTML format (For example in Notes via right click > Font > Font... > select the proper font from the list)  

    - The screenshots were taken from a Windows 2012 Server system and are provided as-is without any additional warranty or service. 

    1. Download or having available a Microsoft Windows compatible font (here a font called Street Writer was used. The font was downloaded for example onto the Desktop)
    2. On Windows 2012 Server open Control Panel > Appearance > Fonts > Font Settings (there might be also other ways possible see above web sites)
    3. In the Installation Settings section > activate Allow Fonts to be installed using a shortcut (advanced) > OK
    4. Extract or browse to the .ttf file you want to 'install' into the Windows Fonts
    5. Right click > Install
    6. There appears a message installing font which will vanish once the font is installed successfully
    7. In C:\Windows\Fonts folder you can verify if the font was installed successfully
    8. Start GoldMine
    9. Go To > Mail 
    10. Click the Button > New Message 
    11. If applicable activate in the left second tab Options the Rich Text (HTML) feature
    12. Click into the E-mail body
    13. Verify that the font street writer is now in the list of available fonts  
    14. Verify that the font works as expected