Please provide function to allow a user to delete an attachment on a new email (where an incorrect attachment has been accidentally uploaded)

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    If we create a mail or respond to mail through HEAT we have the possibility to add an attachment before sending it. How do we delete an attachment before sending it? E.g. attached the wrong file to the mail and want to correct it by deleting the attachment and then upload the correct one before sending it to the user? (As it works right now seems like we need to start all of over from the beginning by not sending the mail and then create it again to be able to upload the correct file.)

    Please provide ability to delete an attachment in an email.



    This function can be enabled at a Attachment control properties level on the Journal.Email form in the Administration client (AdminUI):

    Once this property has been enabled a red X control will appear to the right of each added attachment allowing the analyst to remove individual file(s) before sending.