What does the "Mobile Self Service UI" option do under the Roles and Permissions settings for 2015.2?

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    There is a new option under the Roles and Permissions settings for 2015.2, "Mobile Self  Service UI" - what does this do?


    There are two Mobile interface types available now (as  of 2015.2). The 'old' mobile app and a new Web-based Mobile Interface  for Android and IOS.
    Since there is no sure way to know if a user is  connecting through a mobile 'browser' that selection 'Mobile Self  Service UI' allows you to make it the default UI for given roles (when  selected). When users select that role during the Login process the  Web-Based Mobile UI is presented for use on their Tablet or other mobile  device.

    The Mobile App itself does know when its being called due to it being an App so it does not need to be pre-set.

    In  order to give your Self-Service users (or any other Role) more flexibility - creating two similar roles where one uses the old (standard) Interface and the other uses  the new Mobile UI is a very good option. That way the users can choose what  interface they wish to use based on the device they are connecting  through at the time.