HEAT Discovery - The ClientTransportProcessor web service is returning HTTP status code “413 Request Entity Too Large”

Version 1



    In certain situations when the Discovery product has been configured and installed properly, the size of the audit files the Client Agents are attempting to send in to the Discovery Server can be quite large.  This can pose a problem with the OOTB IIS configuration.

    Client Agent log files may show the following:
    In the JobQueue_GetClientTasksQueue file(s):
    Soap request for client tasks failed. No soap error message available. 

    in the JobQueue_OutboxProcessorTasksQueue file(s):
    Failed to send soap message by Client Transport web service. No soap error message available.

    Obtaining a Fiddler Trace will show the calls to the ClientTransportProcessor returning an HTTP status code of  413 Request Entity Too Large




    Adjusting the IIS setting for uploadReadAheadSize to 5MB (5242880) resolved this issue and allowed the ADScan audit file from the Gateway as well as the larger Software Inventory Audit files on client agents to be sent in and processed.

    For this particular customer 5MB was plenty of space for the largest messages we were seeing.  This can be set higher or lower as long as this setting (in bytes) is larger than the biggest audit file attempting to be sent in.  (You can easily see this in the Fiddler Trace above as the "Entity / content-length" in the Request Headers section.)

    To check value of uploadReadAheadSize 

    •         Open IIS

    •         Navigate under Default Web Site   (Wherever ClientTransportProcessor application is present)

    •         Scroll down to Management and open Configuration Editor

    •         Select following section (drop down at the top) system.webServer and expand it, then locate serverRuntime

    •         Check current value of uploadReadAheadSize value.