Setting up Task to be able to reply to notification to Accept or Reject

Version 1



    Responding to a Task by Email - You can accept or reject a task assignment by responding to it directly from the task notification email using keywords defined in the FRS Approval Status Keyword tab records in the Email Configuration form. 




    Log in as Admin 

    1.       In Configure Application

    2.       Go to Email Config

    3.       Go to Servers

    4.       Find and select the tab “Task Assignment Status Keywords” and click new. Put in “Accepted” and “Rejected”

    5.       When you receive a task assignment via email, click Reply and indicate your acceptance or rejection of the task assignment by typing accepted or rejected in the body of the message. 

    6.       If you reject a task, enter the reason for rejecting it in the second line of the body of the message.

    a.       The approval keywords are configured in the FRS Approval Status Keyword tab records in the Email Configuration form. The default keywords to approve or reject via email are Accepted or Rejected.

    7.       Click Send.

    8.       The task status updates. If the task is accepted, the status becomes accepted. If the task is rejected, the status becomes logged and is no longer valid, but the Owner field is still populated.

    9.       The incoming email is stored in the Activity History tab of the task record.