Is there a way to automatically create HEAT Self Service LoginID's based on INSERTED Profile records?

Version 2


    Is there a way to Automatically create a Heat Self Service Login.    For Example; Every Sunday the Profile table is updated with all new/changed Users/UserID's.    Is there a way to automatically add these new Users or Profiles to Heat Self Service so that windows authentication will then work?



    - The only option if these new profile records need to be setup as HSS logins immediately and automatically, would be to setup a trigger to copy the INSERTED Profile information to the HEATCAI table.

    - Attached is an example of a possible trigger configuration that would automatically take any brand new Profile record(s) and add that information to the HEATCAI table as an HSS login.  This is only a guide as HEAT Software support does not technically support the creation and/or use of triggers.  Therefore, test this in a test database prior to using it in a production fashion because if something does go wrong then Support will not be able to help other than restoring the database from a backup.